Peace Stalk by Kaloy Manlupig

Because we pursue peace cleverly, craftily, cunningly, foxily, furtively, insidiously, intelligently, shiftily, shrewdly, stealthily… Passionately. Inclusively.

I have finally decided to open this space to share with you my thoughts, some mundane, some trivial and hopefully some profound.

I have been getting some words of encouragement to pursue writing and sharing my thoughts but I have always hesitated. I am actually more comfortable just keeping my written thoughts in my phone or tablet. Sometimes they find their way to my fb posts.

While I may have some flashes of writing brilliance (ehem), I also know that I often suffer from what others call writer’s block – and what I call plain laziness.

Seriously now, what made me decide to do this?

I realized that there is big probability of waking up one day, and there would not be any chance to say the things I wanted to say. Say it now.

Here is my first piece for peace:

pace center cagwait 2.jpg

My brief remark during the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Peace and Resiliency Community Center :

A Partnership Project of Balay Mindanaw with the Municipality of Cagwait and Province of Surigao del Sur

Let me start by sharing with you the thought I have now:

We came here 5 years ago to look at armed violence in the eye. Instead, we were met by and are now holding hands with people who believe in just and lasting peace.

Let me sincerely thank you again and again, in behalf of Balay Mindanaw, – our dear partners in our partner-barangays, our partner municipalities of Lianga and Cagwait, our partner alliance Macasaltabayami, our partner province of Surigao del Sur, our partner government agencies, our security sector partners, our partner CSOs – for the opportunity and privilege to journey with you.

Today, we celebrate another milestone in our journey together. We are here to finally make the first concrete step towards the fulfilment of our dream – our Peace and Resiliency Community House. As we gladly turn over our modest contribution of P500,000 for the construction cost, we very sincerely thank the local government of Cagwait led by the Honorable Mayor and the Municipal Council, and the provincial government of Surigao del Sur led by the Honorable Governor and Provincial Council for the kind and generous offer of a space and resources, and other agencies like DILG and TESDA for the assistance. Again, we see real partnership in action here today.

Please consider this as a symbol of our commitment to a long-term principled, meaningful and fruitful partnership with you.

This will be the 9th community house that Balay Mindanaw helped build all over Mindanao. Of the first eight, we have completely turned over six to our partner LGU or tribe. I am telling you this because we also look forward to the day when we will be turning over this house to you. It is quite clear to us that we are just borrowing this from you.

As I always tell our partners, one of the best rewards we expect from this partnership is when the time comes for you to tell us to leave, to move on to the next partners because our presence here will no longer be needed. That is our understanding of success.

To the BM Balay CaLia Team, congratulations! Be assured of our full support.

May this community house be a true, happy, safe and secure space for all the peoples and communities as we together pursue our vision of equity, development, resiliency and peace.

Daghang salamat. Padayon…


Moreno urges to barangay officials enhance preparedness

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CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — Mayor Oscar S. Moreno has urged barangay officials to enhance preparedness against disasters to avoid major loss of lives, properties and infrastructures.

Speaking during the simple hand-over ceremony of emergency equipment and orientation on emergency situation protocol at the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center, Moreno stressed that a big part of public service is to avoid the “mistake of governance that led to Sendong” in 2011.

“Good governance is not about politics; it is about giving the best service to our people  regardless of political colors, which is what public service is all about. And these equipment that Balay Mindanaw are giving you today are part of your contingency measures to avoid a repeat of the mistakes of governance during Sendong,” he said.

The city’s chief executive said that Sendong, internationally known as Tropical Storm Washi, wreak havoc to Cagayan de Oro City and neighboring Iligan City on the night of December 16, 2011 because of “bad governance.”

“Years before Sendong, the city’s officials especially the city mayor, were warned about the impending disaster. They were already warned of the damage that will happen if people are allowed to continue living in the middle of the river. But he did not listen. And we know the rest of the story,” he said, referring to Cala-Cala, a sandbar that eventually became an island in the middle the Cagayan de Oro River where thousands of urban poor lived in Barangay Macasandig.

Cala-Cala, now referred to as “ground zero”, has since been re-declared as a no-build zone since the Environment department has declared it at such in the immediate years before Sendong struck down the city.

Because a disaster does not select its victims, it is up to local officials — most especially barangay officials since they are the first responder during disasters — to enhance their communities’ capacity and preparedness, Moreno said.

The barangays that received the emergency equipment that the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) through the German Humanitarian Assistance, and Johanniter International Assistance of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) coursed through Balay Mindanaw also have undergone the Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment (PCVA) workshop, contingency planning workshop, participatory trainings and workshops for the formulation of their respective Barangay Development Plans (BDPs) and Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plans (BDRRMPs), that the Foundation facilitated.

Among the equipment that Balay Mindanaw handed over to the barangays are, among others, hand-held radios, laptops, and skyhydrant, a water filtration system from the Australia-based SkyJuice Foundation through the Disaster Aid International and Disaster Aid Australia.

“Thank you very much, Balay Mindanaw. Thank you for choosing our barangays regardless of colors and for helping us become resilient to disasters,” said Omar Labuntog, chairman of Barangay Lapasan, who spoke in behalf of the other barangay chairmen present.

Rochelle “Bibing” Mordeno urged the barangays to take care of the equipment and to use them to benefit their constituents, especially the most vulnerable sector of their communities.

The barangays that received the equipment are Balulang, Bonbon, Camaman-an, Carmen, Gusa, Kauswagan, Lapasan, Lumbia, Mambuaya, Macasandig, Pagatpat, Patag, Tablon Tignapoloan, Tuburan, and Tumpagon.

The hand-over of emergency equipment was part of the Community-based Health and Disaster Preparedness to Strengthen Resilience in 18 Disaster-prone Barangays in the city, a project of Balay Mindanaw under its Disaster Risk Reduction, Resiliency-building aned Emergency Assistance Mission (DR3AM) program.

The project aims at reducing the number of fatalities and economic damages in future disasters through enhanced capacities, resources, networking of decentralized government bodies, national NGO and vulnerable communities in the city towards better disaster preparedness and greater disaster resilience.

Balay Mindanaw came up with the project, which is being implemented in partnership with the City Government of Cagayan de Oro, because of the (1) continuing need to increase understanding of the barangays on the concept and objectives of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), (2) health and medical needs (2a) at Sendong relocation sites and/or strategic health centers, and (2b) increasing incidence of dengue cases, among others, in the city. (Bong D. Fabe)

Balay Mindanaw hosts RAFI Circle of Laureates

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CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — Balay Mindanaw hosted the Circle of Laureates of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Awards during their 3-day Learning Visit to the City of Golden Friendship.

 The Circle of Laureates is composed of champions and finalists of the RAFI Triennial Awards. This prestigious award was initiated by the Cebu-based foundation in 1996 to recognize the valuable contribution of individuals and institutions to social development. Balay Mindanaw was a finalist in the category Award for Outstanding Institution of the 6th RAFI Triennial Awards.

“Thank you very much, Balay Mindanaw. We learned a lot and your work are truly inspiring. We are very inspired. We hope we can visit your other program or project areas to all the more inspire our laureates,” said Elisabeth Baumgart, program officer of the RAFI Triennial Awards.

Balay Mindanaw oriented the laureates about its work, programs and projects which are all centered on the barangay, the locus and focus of its work. After a brief sharing conducted in the Peace Room of the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center, the laureates visited two of Balay Mindanaw’s partner barangays: Macasandig and Gusa.

On their second day, the laureates visited the Maramag, Bukidnon site of the Agri-Aqua Development Coalition-Mindanao (AADC), a people’s organization that was first organized as a political coalition in 1994 to continue the work of the Congress for People’s Agrarian Reform, the broadest coalition of peasant groups lobbying for the implementation of the agrarian reform law in the 1980s.

On their third and final day, the laureates were able to share their programs and projects to some of Balay Mindanaw’s partner communities and institutions during the 6th Leaders of Change Forum held at the Southeast Asia Rural Social Leadership Institute (SEARSOLIN) of the Xavier University.

The forum became a venue for the start of new partnerships and/or engagement between some of Balay Mindanaw’s partner barangays with the other organizations that are part of the RAFI Circle of Laureates.

Most notable of this possible new partnership and/or engagement is between Barangay Gusa and Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) based in Bacolod City. AIDFI is the award-winning NGO famous for providing clean, affordable water in many upland communities in Negros, Philippines and across Asia through its hydraulic ram pump technology.

There forum also opened the possibility for a partnership between Balay Mindanaw and AIDF.

Balay Mindanaw’s skyhydrant, acquired through the generosity of SkyJuice Foundation of Australia and the Disaster Aid International, and AIDFI’s ram pump are perfect complement for each other.

Even RAFI, through Executive Director Evelyn Nacario Castro, expressed an open invitation to Balay Mindanaw to conduct trainings and orientations for BDPs and BDRRMPs in Cebu City.

Another possible partnership, this time on peace and development, is between Balay Mindanaw and Kadtabanga Foundation for Peace and Development Advocates, Inc. (KFPDAI), which was founded 15 years ago by former Moro rebels-turned-peacebuilders, especially in the Maguindanao areas.

While the laureates admitted their 3-day stay in Cagayan de Oro was very short, it was “very inspiring and eye-opening.” (Bong D. Fabe)

Communities plan ahead for peace and development in Aleosan


Aleosan BDP Review (1)

By: John Rizle Saligumba

“You want development? Plan ahead”, says a barangay official on the importance of long-term, participatory, barangay development plans

Aleosan, COTABATO – A barangay official says key to development of barangays are their long-term development plans which they formulate with their respective development councils.

“Barangay Captains always want something good for the barangay. You want development? Show me your three-year or five-year plan,” said Barangay New Panay Chairperson Lolita Capilitan, the sole woman barangay captain in the town of Aleosan.

Capilitan said that “when the leaders look for resources to support the programs in their barangays, funders always ask whether the project are in the AIP (Annual Investment Plan) or in the three or five-year plan of the barangay.”

The barangay underwent Barangay Peace and Development Planning through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA – BDP), an approach which involves multiple sectors of the community in analyzing data and identifying priority problems.

Following the PRA – BDP, Barangay New Panay was able to access resources from outside the barangay to fund priority projects such as the farm to market road.

Other priority projects identified by the barangays include conflict resolution, agricultural support, waters systems, health support, madrasah (Islamic School) and capacity building for the leaders and its constituency.

Last September 30 – October 2, Capilitan along with other sixty-five barangay officials and key leaders in the town of Aleosan, Cotabato participated in the Barangay Development Planning Review and Project Brief Writeshop.

The three-day workshop aimed to fine-tune draft Barangay Development Plans (BDP) and Barangay Profiles prior to its final stage of packaging and production.

The BDP is considered as the “bible” of the barangays in implementing its programs.

The three-day workshop was held September 30 – October 2 of this year at the Rooftop of the Municipal Hall of the Municipality of Aleosan.

The workshop set five objectives:

First, to review barangay governance and development planning through participatory process.

Second, to review and enhance the profile in their barangay development plan.

Third, to finalize the top 10 priority projects with a written project briefs.

Fourth, to plan for the upcoming Stakeholders’ Forum where their plans will be initially scheduled on December 3

Finally, to strengthen the solidarity of the barangays and participants of the activity.

Some participants shared that the review of profiles and plans are important prior to its final submission to the Municipal Planning and Development Council.

“This is to ensure that the priority needs are duly recognized and a plan suitable to the situation is formulated,” said Barangay Pagangan Chair Gregorio Guanzon

Section 106 of the Local Government Code of 199 says that “each local government unit shall have a comprehensive multi-sectoral development plan to be initiated by its Development Council and approved by its Sanggunian.”

The profiles and plans were finalized after the workshop and will be packaged for production in both vernacular and English versions.

The Municipaity of Aleosan has expressed support for the program and has committed to help in matching with other resources and also in the production of the said plans.

The barangays represented during the workshop were Barangay Dunguan, Luanan, Tapodoc, San Mateo, Dualing, Malapang, Palacat, New Panay, Pagangan, and Bagolibas.

CaLia Consolidated Report as of 11 October 2015


Fear and displacement broke out in parts of Surigao del Sur when the Executive Director of ALCADEV, Emerito Samarca, and two lumad leaders, Dionel Campos and Bello Sinzo, were killed in Sitio Hanayan in Barangay Diatagon, Lianga on 1 September 2015. The perpetrators were reported to belong to an armed group calling themselves the Magahat-Bagani.

 Due to the violent nature of the deaths, as well as fear of getting caught in crossfire, more than 3,000 persons were displaced from the municipalities of San Miguel, Tago, Marihatag, San Agustin and Lianga. Some of these evacuees fled to the Surigao del Sur Sports Center, while others sought refuge at the Marihatag Municipal Gym or the Janipaan Elementary School.

 Inquiries are currently ongoing to determine the perpetrators of the killings. The IDPs, particularly those from Kauban sa Lumad (KASALU) demanded the “disbanding of paramilitary bandits” and the arrest of the leaders of the groups responsible for the killings. The Provincial Government of Surigao del Sur and the Mayors belonging to the MACASALTABAYAMI Alliance of Municipalities have also called for the immediate arrest of the perpetrators.

 As of present, the IDPs have been away from their homes for more than five weeks.


October 10 was the 40th day since the killings. Lumad IDPs and farmers’ organizations gathered in the Boulevard, Tandag City. They lit candles and offered prayers in the lumad leaders’ memory as well as to call for justice.

In the meantime, the donations of rice, from Cagayan de Oro parishes, and water, sourced with the donations of Teody Peña and Pag-Inupdanay, Inc., have arrived at the location. These will be distributed in the coming days.

This weekend, a team will also be departing to conduct psychosocial first aid to IDPs in Janipaan Elementary School and Marihatag Municipal Gymnasium.

Current Situation

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

As of 10 October 2015, the following is the data from the PDRRMC:

Surigao del Sur Sports Center:

MIKE 18 104
MANLUY-A 23 138
KM 9 34 175
KM 16 43 178
DECOY 12 78
KM 14 11 59
EMERALD 31 145
HAN-AYAN 32 147

BOGBOG 20 88
TAMBUNON 1 16 83
PUROK 2 11 56
5 LGUs 8 BRGYs 29 SITIOS 562 2,804

Janipaan Elementary School:

1 LGU 2 BRGYs 2 SITIOS 28 106

Marihatag Municipal Gymnasium:

1 LGU 1 BRGY 5 SITIOS (no data) 364

Relief Organizations Operating in the Area

·        Tandag City Sports Complex

  • Feeding program and relief distribution provided by TV 5 Alagang Kapatid Foundation and Church of Latter Day Saints to the Tandag City Sports Complex.
  • Daily medical consultations, including dispensing of medication, conducted by doctors and nurses from the Provincial Health Office.
  • Relief packs and food regularly provided by the PSWD
  • Hygiene kit distribution and maintenance of latrines by the Red Cross
  • Maintenance of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene by UNICEF
  • Water provided by the Provincial Government

·        Marihatag Municipal Gym

  • Relief packs provided by the Provincial Government


  • Regular monitoring and reporting being done by Team CaLia in coordination with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and the Incident Command Post.
  • Distributed the following relief items:
    • From Disaster Aid International:
      • 400 tarps
      • 150 blankets
      • 10 tents
      • 15 boxes of soap


  • Potable water supply is still deficient in the Tandag City Sports Complex.
  • Regular medical consultations in Marihatag still lack medicines such as those for infection, fever, cough, cold and diarrhea.
  • Psychosocial services particularly for IDps in Janipaan Elementary School and the Marihatag Municipal Gymnasium. (Psychosocial services were already offered in Tandag.)

Donations Received

TOTAL CASH DONATIONS RECEIVED:      Php        120,400.00

  • Php   5,000.00             KPMFI and GMPI
  • Php 50,000.00             Teody Peña / Pag-Inupdanay, Inc.
  • Php 65,400.00             Teody Peña / Pag-Inupdanay, Inc.

ESTIMATED VALUE OF NON-CASH DONATIONS:                                Php        430,000.00

  • 5 sacks of rice Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro c/o Msgr. Perseus
  • 10 sacks of rice Nazareno Parish c/o Fr. Pulgo
  • 10 sacks of rice Nazareth Parish c/o Msgr. Nene Villamil
  • Tents, blankets and tarps (standby relief goods in the DREAM Warehouse from Disaster Aid International)


  • 1 Nebulizer PR Works
  • Php 20,000.00 PR Works             (for additional water and rice)
  • PR Works has also committed to send relief goods from Cebu, which will be delivered to Mindanao by 2Go.
  • Additional tents, stretchers and first aid kits Disaster Aid International


  • Distribute the rice donated by Cagayan de Oro parishes this week.
  • Distribute drinking water purchased through donations by Teody Peña and Pag-Inupdanay, Inc. this week.
  • Conduct psychosocial support this weekend.

Donation Information

Peso Account

Account No. 1768022630

Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.,

BDO Xavier Branch Cagayan de Oro City


Dollar Account

Account No. 101760196639

Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.

Swift Code: BNORPHMM

BDO – Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City


Euro Account

Account No. 301760191866

Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.

BDO Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City


You may also send other forms of support to:


Surigao del Sur:

Balay Mindanaw Staff House

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Surigao del Sur, Philippines




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You may also call:

Landline: +63 8822 735946


 Daghang salamat!

We Refuse to be Victims. We choose to be Resources.